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Vara Network

Vara Network is a stand-alone layer-1 decentralized network built and running on top of Gear Protocol.

Gear Protocol is a Substrate-based programming platform that enables anyone to develop and run dApps in Vara Network as well as other networks powered by the Gear Protocol’s runtime and technology.

The fast and scalable Vara Network, which is non-fork upgradable, provides an optimal platform for next-gen gaming, financial-based applications, and various experimental features, among others. Vara accommodates a wide range of modern use cases, making it an ideal environment for running diverse applications. Building on Vara Network suits developers already entrenched in Web3, as well as those transitioning from Web2 in search of a secure, efficient, and scalable platform for deploying their decentralized applications.

Many next-generation applications, such as gaming and payments, demand low-latency execution. The Vara standalone network offers the fastest on-ramp for these applications, unlocking new potential uses. Additionally, Vara Network presents low transaction costs for users and dApp creators.

Vara Network employs an inclusive and reliable Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) mechanism to select validators for its consensus protocol. This mechanism selects validators based on their stakes and the funds nominated by other token holders. Running a node or supporting the network as a nominator is incentivized. This approach fosters a more democratic and decentralized process, reducing the risk of centralization, where only the wealthiest entities could become validators.

The vast majority of tokens are held by the community. Vara empowers its community to steer the network's evolution through its on-chain governance mechanism. To ensure decentralization, longevity, and flexibility, Vara adopts the widely accepted OpenGov framework as its native governance model. This framework enables any VARA token holder to participate in Vara’s decentralized governance, influencing future updates or modifications to the network.

The primary features of the Vara Network include:

  • Fast truly decentralized L1.
  • Secure, efficient, and scalable environment for new features and optimizations.
  • Low transaction costs.
  • A robust NPoS mechanism for network security and decentralization.
  • Governance by community members - token holders.
  • A stable and upgradable network, facilitated by Substrate.
  • A well-thought-out token economy that ensures the long-term sustainability of the network and benefits for its community.

Immediately after its introduction, Vara enters the BETA phase, signifying that even while the network is live, there's no assurance of Vara being entirely bug-free. Nevertheless, thanks to the fork-less upgrade, it will endure indefinitely, preserving all user data.